BOARD OF MANAGEMENT 2018-05-30T07:47:06+00:00


Asit Kumar Manda
Asit Kumar MandaPresident
Debkumar Biswas
Debkumar BiswasVice President I
Nimaipada Mondal
Nimaipada MondalVice President II
Somendra Nath Mandal
Somendra Nath MandalGeneral Secretary
Sujit Ranjan Baidya
Sujit Ranjan BaidyaAsstt. Secretary
Naresh Chandra Mandal
Naresh Chandra MandalTreasurer
Monorama Mondal
Monorama MondalMember
Mala Samanta
Mala SamantaMember
Aloka Mondal
Aloka MondalMember
Prtha Sarathi Maj
Prtha Sarathi MajMember
Jharna Halder
Jharna HalderMember
Sanchita Bhattacharya
Sanchita BhattacharyaMember
Ramendranath Bera
Ramendranath BeraMember


Bani Mandir employs over 150 staff. Additionally, it relies on trained community-based workers, contributing on the basis of a honorarium or as volunteers.