At the outset I recall the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Him I call a Mahatman (great soul) whose heart bleeds for the poor, who feels for them ………………. Let these people be your God – think for them, work for them and pray for them incessantly – the Lord will show you the way”.

I think the words of Swamiji may form the guiding principle of Bani Mandir in its work to the poor and disadvantaged people living in the vortex of poverty, misery and utter destitution.

I feel pride to express that Bani Mandir is working as a committed friend to the hapless people who form the most vulnerable groups – children, women, elderly persons, landless and marginal farmers. It is trying its level best to bring not merely quantitative but also qualitative change in their lives and living. Our services are primarily for their well-being.

We often say about participatory development. Our target group people feel it’s significant, come forward and join our venture for fostering development interventions in their respective villages.

I do hope that all our members, staff and volunteers with their dedication, commitment and zeal will carry on the programme activities in full-swing. Any problem may come on their way. But they must develop capacity to overcome the problem.

I take the privilege to extend my sincere thanks to all our donors and development partners for their confidence and trust on us and our work to serve the ‘Living God’.

Finally, I convey my hearty thanks to all our members, staff, volunteers and all members of Board of Director’s.

 Dated:March 31, 2017,

Asit Kumar Mandal (President)


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