From the Desk of Programme Director

In a remote village, Bani Mandir has engaged itself in ‘Karmayoga’ to serve the people-in-need, irrespective of caste, community, gender and religion. Its programme coverage includes children, youth, women and elderly persons. 

In its multifarious activities, the children from poor and very needy families occupy a prominent position. The organization emphasizes on raising educational and physical levels of children in a meaningful and lasting way. The beneficiary children who are exposed to formal education do perform better academically.

Sitting in remote rural milieu, many children and youth have developed skills in computer application and internet services which they could not imagine before.

Both beneficiary children and youth are much conscious of their health and hygiene, the result being les recurrence of diseases in them.

Our beneficiary children are more aware of protection from child abuses (mental, physical, sexual, etc.).

Both beneficiary children and youth do take up leadership in many group/social situations.

Around 5000 women from low income-group families have been brought under the canopy of Self-Help Groups in 31 villages. This drive has developed small savings habit among them. The amount so saved in a collective way through the group is being utilized mainly for their income generation avenues, taken loans from the group fund. Under livelihood support programme, the organization assists very needy families (not in cash, but in kind) to start micro enterprises.

Old is not obsolete. The organization has so far promoted 78 Elderly Self-Help Groups. Most of the groups have established cash-credit linkage with local branches of some nationalized banks. From the group, many elderly members take loans mainly for productive purposes.

Our team of staff and volunteers are making tireless efforts to organize all these programmes smoothly. They are motivated to give their best to the services of suffering people in our quarter.

We are in need of expansion of on-going & new programmes and beneficiary coverage to reach all the 60 villages in our operational area. But we are handicapped with resource crunch. We do hope that more benevolent individuals and funding agencies will come forward to extend their co-operation, moral and resource support for strengthening our mission to serve the suffering people.


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