To our development partners and stakeholders ………… Bani Mandir is a lead partner in the implementation of various programs.  Practically from 1973 onward, it has bit by bit diversified its activities in different fields of welfare and development.

BaniMandir gives priority to the destitute children, youth and women but at the same time it accords greater importance to the well-being of the hapless elderly persons. It also sensitizes the elderly persons not to think as obsolete in the society. Bani Mandir always stands beside them.

Bani Mandir facilitates the elderly persons to form the Elderly Self-Help Groups to mobilize their meagre savings through the group fund so as to meet their emergency/future needs. It embeds in them a sense of self-confidence that they still can do something and not burden of their families

The child-centric programmes ensure child survival, protection and development, with greater gender equality.

Bani Mandir has made a positive stride to mobilize rural women from low income-group families into self help groups. It boosts a sense of self-confidence in them and develops capacity to control over their assets and incomes to lead a respectful life.

In the following pages, the programmes and performances of Bani Mandir for the financial year 2016-2017 are incorporated

Before concluding I extend my thanks and profound gratitude to all our donors and well-wishers whose co-operation and assistance have made it possible to keep our drive on-going.

I remain indebted to the members of our Governing Body who have provided valuable suggestions and advices all throughout the year. I extend my heart-felt thanks to all of them as well as all our members, staff and volunteers to work with team spirit.

 Dated:March 31, 2017,

Somendra Nath Mandal (General Secratary)


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