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Project Description


One third of India’s people live in extreme poverty, going hungry for days at a time, getting sick from preventable diseases, and struggling to find clean water. With so many challenges, millions of children in India cannot attend school and long enough to graduate.

Children trapped in poverty are forced to drop out and find ways to survive, working 12-hour a day or marrying men who are decades older. And when they have children? The devastating cycle continues.


The Creche is very essential for physical, mental and intellectual development and socialization of pre-school children whose mothers remain busy with different activities for hand-to-mouth existence. It is a home outside the homes of tiny tots.

BaniMandir is running 04 (four) Creche units under Rajib Gandhi National Creche Foundation, supported by Indian Council for Child Welfare (I.C.C.W). Recently, due to change in policy by the Govt. of India, the functioning of Creche under NGO is on the horns of dilemma. Still, Bani Mandir continuing its creche units in 04 villages, namely, Khordanahala (inBaniMandir main campus), Kultukari, Akhrapunjee and KhordanahalaPurba Para.

An ongoing creche session
UnitVillageNo. of Children
Unit -IKhordanahala (Bani Mandir Campus)131225
Unit -IIKultukari121325
Unit -IIIAkhrapunjee151025
Unit -IVKhordanahala Purba Para091625

Each creche unit remains open from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. In each unit, there are two female workers. Apart from their day-to-day work at creche, they keep close contact with the beneficiary families through home visit and interpersonal communication with the parents of the beneficiary children.

At a regular interval, they organize the Mother’s Meeting that accords due importance to parental education and awareness generation programme. The workers give importance on counseling with the parents for responsible parenthood and proper child up-keep.


The Child Sponsorship Programme (CSP) accords importance to development of child in a congenial environment. The programme is financially supportedby SAHAY, Kolkata.

The programme is considered as a multi-dimensional approach covering :–

  • Child Survival, Protection and Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Promotional Living Environment
  • Capacity Building & Leadership Development

The CSP affords equal opportunities to both boys and girls from childhood to youth to build their career on a sound base and to move forward.

CSP Beneficiary Coverage: 2016-17
Percentage (%)33.766.3100

In CSP, the girls got priority. They covered around two-third of the total beneficiaries.

The programmes that benefitted both children and youth in the year under review are furnished as under.

  • Child
  • Youth
Some New Programmes Introduced by CSP
  • ULLASH :-Training in games and sports and growing life skill of the sponsored children : 52 sponsored children in two batches were covered – 04 days per batch in a month.
  • UDYOG :- Orientation training to sponsored children and youth in savings, budget formulation & source of capital fund for micro enterprises and also develop the child rights and responsibilities etc. – 60 sponsored children & 30 youth covered in 03 batches.
  • KANDARI :-Youth Leadership training to grow self confidence and establish him/her as a leader in future given to 64 sponsored youth in two batches.
  • YEF :- From Youth Empowerment Fund (YEF), sponsored youth were trained up in First Aid by the trainer from St. John Ambulance. Each trained youth oriented 05 sponsored youth in First Aid. From CSP, the First Aid Boxes (1 each) were given to 24 paradals. (A praradal is a group functioning in a part of a village).All the 360 trained youth are associated with the paradals. The youth render first aid services to local people.
  • ERC :– The Education Resource Centre is housed at the premises of Bani Mandir. During the reporting year, educational guidance was given to 30 student class – VI to VIII youth lagging behind in their studies. The facilities available with ERC are :–
    1. Workshop on Education
    2. Library
    3. Newspaper & Journals
    4. Day celebrations

    This programme is started from February 2017 and on going

  • TRINING IN COMPUTER :– From April to September 2016, 10 sponsored youth were trained up in Basic computer. For training, they were placed to JAG Computer Centre at Mathurhat.
  • BADLAO BOYS :– In 3 centres (2 at Khordanahala village and 1 at Karaiberia, 60 sponsored youth (20 in each centre) were given orientation on Gender Equality, Values, Drug Abuses, etc. In turn, these 60 youth oriented 150 sponsored youth.This programme is started from June 2016 and ongoing.
  • PRAJATNA :– Giving the Nutrition food to malnourished children and campaign the awareness to the their parents about nutrition issues. There are 82 children are getting benefits continuously. This is the continue programme.
  • SURAKSHIT :– Protection from child abuse (Mental Physical, sexual abuse etc. There are 60 sponsored children are involved in this training. This programme is started from April 2016 and ongoing.
  • Y.H.C :– YOUTH HEALTH CORP:- Training to youth for their mental growth and right about the different health oriented issues (Reproductive Health). There are 175 youths are involved this porgramme. This is the continue programme.
  • BASE PLUS :– Giving the private Tuitions, support to the low merit children. There are 85 spons. Children are growing in this programme. This programme is continuously running before 5 years.


Every year, the sponsored children, youth and their families receive the gifts from the sponsors. During the reporting year, the gifts so received, are shown in the following table below :-

Sl. No.Gift ItemsNo. of Youths & ChildrenFamilies
1Dress Materials050308
2School Uniform010203
3BirthDay Dress3606931056
4Winter Garments02
5School Bags010102
7Wrist Watch020305
9Emergency Light010203
10Study Table (Folding)3837211105
11Stationary Kits0202
12Private Tution Fees060511
13Games Materials0101
14Wooden Cot010102
16Box Showcase0404
17Grocery Items020204
18Kitchen Utensils0202
19House Repairing02
20Toilet Construction08