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We want to serve 100 million meals by 2020 in a bid to make India free of hunger .
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All donations are exempted under section 80G of IT Act

 You can also transfer your valuable donation to Bani Mandir’s Account No.- 1772002100000268 (FCRA), IFS Code: PUNB0177200 and

Account No.- 1772000100016751 (Non FCRA), IFS Code: PUNB0177200 at PNB Dhukrijhara Branch.

You will also get the donation receipt in proper time for your record.
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Financial Details:

Permanent Account Number : AAAAB3125A

80G Registation Number : DIT(E)1129/8E/287/2981-1982

Kindly note that the above examples are for descriptive purposes only. They indicate the impact that your donation can bring about in the lives of entire families, including women and children. Bani Mandir will allocate resources to areas where the need is the greatest.

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